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Economic incentives for energy efficiency measures and low-emissions technologies

Written by Guglielmina Mutani, Silvia Santantonio, Jens Lowitzsch, Lucas Roth, Pasqual Slevec.
The article was published in IEEE 2020, 3rd Int.Conf. / Workshop in Óbuda on Electrical and Power Engineering (CANDO-EPE)


For many years, the European Union has been designing and constantly reformulating various energy policies for the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions in order to contain the effects of climate change. These policies are transposed and expressed in the legislation of each Member State which establishes national objectives and specific intervention measures for the national context. In this work, incentive policies are compared according to the actual state of achievement of defined targets. Following the definition of the criteria for the classification of incentives, the SCORE investment calculator is presented. This online tool compares the economic convenience of different incentive policies and it represents a useful operational tool for the beneficiaries of the investment, but also to verify the effectiveness of the incentive policies themselves and, if necessary, redefine them.